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3 years ago

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Jessica Host struts into the interrogation cell to meet yet another guy caught sucking cock at the dog park. “I’m innocent. I just moved here. I didn’t know what went on in that park! I swear!” he pleads. Pleads and pleads. Jessica doesn’t care she is going to black mail him into performing favours because she knows this high profile citizen can not risk getting his name in the papers. Reluctantly he allows her to suck him until he is willing to forget about his wife and accept that his way out of this predicament is sex.
Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite realize that it will not be him doing the fucking until the moment he is cuffed and helpless on the table and Jessica unleashes her huge rock hard cock. She rams his mouth and his ass. Taking him on the table and pushing him to the floor. She slips deeply into his tight hole stretching him out watching him endure the pain and the pleasure. She pulls out and finishes on his face while she convinces him she wants to see his cum. He jerks off while she sneaks off and reveals who she really is as she rushes out the door. Let’s just say Jessica has a lot of persuasive power but it is not because she’s a lawyer.

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